Enterprise: The method of the enterprising

is to plan with audacity, and execute with vigor;

to sketch out a map of possibilities,

and then to treat them as probabilities. ~ Bovee

Entrepreneurs are the ones that make things happen. They take the idea and bring it to life. When you walk into a store, all the products you see would not be there if it were not for an entrepreneur, even the store itself.  The store cashiers, sales clerks, warehouse personnel all receive paychecks because of the entrepreneur. The manufactures, distributors, accountants, delivery, sales organizations all owe their start to entrepreneurs.

Many sites talk about business ideas. This one is dedicated to becoming one of the entrepreneurs that make things happen. Understanding the opportunities available, building and improving the skills to be successful.

You will note after my name the odd word Cypreneur. That is a word that I’ve come up with to describe the new age entrepreneur. No longer are global businesses just for the major international firms. Now anyone can operate globally from anywhere they like. In this Cyber age the entrepreneur is no longer tied down to a brick and mortar type business.

I will be talking about the different concepts of business, from the what is a business, how to make money, difference between job and an opportunity. about owning a job and about having a life style business.