I Love America

America is the land of opportunity. Our strength came from the common man and not a ruling elite or aristocrat. We limited the size of the federal government and the concentration of power in Washington. That kept government close to the people. With a small government and less regulation opportunity was put into the hands of the people. We created an entrepreneurial class, the only requirement to enter the class was desire, you did not have to seek permission from anyone. Class status did not matter, race did not matter only desire and putting in the effort to make it happen.

America came alive because the entrepreneurs were problem solvers. They saw a need and filled it. They built the towns, they opened up general stories, blacksmith shops, inns, taverns and on and on. The invented the tools and devices to make jobs and lives easier. When they saw a problem the astute entrepreneur saw an opportunity to fill a need. Profit was the incentive.

The entrepreneurs created the jobs that created the wealth that built America. Their innovations change the world. The entrepreneurs came from every country, every race and ethnic group.

My mission is to help others find the freedom, prosperity and satisfaction of becoming an entrepreneur, a leader, a doer and create a business to make a difference in the world and in their own lives.